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The ministries at Bethel Bible Fellowship are in place to lead the church in service to the community and to God's people.

Each ministry below covers one of the core functions of Bethel Bible Fellowship and serves as a guide for all church activities and actions.




The goal of the Worship Ministry at Bethel is to create a lifestyle of worship towards our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This emanates from joyous worship experiences where people can celebrate God’s holiness and goodness. Through a lifestyle of worship, we become closer to God and God moves on our behalf.



The Evangelism and Outreach exists to put our church motto into action: Loving God Loving People. This occurs through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to grow God's kingdom. This ministry also serves the Carrollton community through outreach and service activities. Member, guest, and visitor follow-up are also elements of this ministry.




The purpose of Christian Education is to ground each participant, whether member or guest, in the basics of living the Christian life.



Help guide the next generation of Christians through their journey with Christ.




The Fellowship Team is all about people. God’s desire is that “no one would perish, but that all would come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9). The closer we get to God, the more people are on our heart. It is the mission of the BBF Fellowship Team to facilitate the planning of social events and to oversee targeted small group ministries that grow us deeper in our relationship with the Lord and one another.




We know all that we have come from God, we are very conscious that we are only stewards. We endeavor to take good care of our church property and financial gifts. The administration ministry oversees and coordinates the upkeep and maintenance of all church property which includes equipment, the physical building, contents, and grounds. The administration also oversees compliance and adherence to church financial policies and guidelines.

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