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"Bethel Bible Fellowship is a community of believers who are excited about growing together in Christ.  We have a diverse membership and we would love to have you visit and worship with us.  Bethel is a great place to praise God, a great place to learn His Word and a great place to belong.  We invite you to fellowship with us."


Dr. Terrance Woodson—Senior Pastor, Bethel Bible Fellowship



Our Mission

Bethel Bible Fellowship exists to empower individuals to live like Christ, by sharing the love of Jesus and the Word of God and showing the joy of belonging to His family. 


Our Vision

Bethel Bible Fellowship strives to reproduce Christ-like disciples impacting the world.


Our Values

Bethel Bible Fellowship continually strives to evaluate our character based on the four following values: 


1. Promoting the maturity of believers 

2. Presenting the gospel to the lost 

3. Pursuing world missions internationally 

4. Encouraging interracial fellowship among believers


About Us

Dr. Terrance Woodson, Senior Pastor

Pastor and Mrs. Woodson

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