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2016 Bible Challenge: Memorize 30 Scripture Passages


  1. You are to memorize each scripture and recite it verbatim to someone

  2.  The person, who hears you recite the verse verbatim, is to sign-off by the verse on the checklist form.

  3. Once your checklist is completed in 2016, please see Assoc. Pastor Brenda Patterson.


  •  Let these be conversation starters with family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. In doing so, you will help to provide the Word for the Holy Spirit to use in a person's life.

  • Learn them with family members and/or encourage other people to learn them as well.

Memorization techniques:

  • Learn the meaning of the verse.

  • Write the verse several times.

  • Memorize one phrase of the verse at a time.

  • Listen to the verse being read.

  • Repeat the verse aloud to others.