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CHIC Conference 2015




As part of our Christian journey, attending the Covenant High in Christ (CHIC) Conference will strengthen our walk with Christ by being in the midst of thousands of youth walking in faith as we are.  CHIC is a triennial event where youth gather from all over the US, Canada and abroad to study the word of God.  The conference is a 7-day amazing youth Christian experience held at the University of Tennessee.  We will engage in bible study, devotion, recreation and worship service each evening.  CHIC tackles subjects relevant to our lives and today’s youth.  This experience will challenge us to apply what we have learned in Christian studies.  The conference will also equip us with additional support to help encourage our fellow classmates and friends on their Christian journey and prayerfully bring young souls to Christ. 


Bethel Bible Fellowship (BBF) Youth have attended CHIC since 2009.  With your help the Youth of BBF will attend the CHIC conference in 2015 and continue this tradition.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  For additional information on CHIC please visit the website To donate, click the easyTithe™ button on the left. Sign in and use the pull down menu to select CHIC 2015

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